Adult Department

These classes are designed to function as ministering small groups with class officers assisting members and the church body in areas of fellowship, discipleship and needs. The curriculum rotates in each class to cover topics in the area of bible study, theology and life issues

Adam Johnston and Billy Davis - Room 221

Joe Fessler - Room 220

Randy Morris and Bryan Randolph - Fellowship Hall

The following adult Bible study classes meet each week during the Sunday School hour (8:45 to 9:45 am):

Life Truths - Room 222

Mark Hollins - Using Lifeway Bible Studies for Life curriculum plus Hershel Hobbs and Advanced Bible Study commentaries. Co-ed study equipping adults to understand how faith impacts their families, careers, and struggles while challenging them to live out their faith.

Explore the Bible - Room 223

Don Haggard - Using Lifeway Explore the Bible curriculum. Co-ed study pursues biblical context that takes participants deep into the context of the Word and challenges them to live it out in their own context.

Hope - Room 208

Darlene Gentry - This Bible study for women of all ages uses a variety of books. Class focuses on how to earnestly seek God's direction for their lives, drawing encouragement from the scriptures and each other.

Faith - Room U2

Kathi Edwards - This senior ladies study uses Lifeway Bible Studies for Life curriculum. Members should be ready for exciting study of God's Word as well as social fellowship.