Preschool Department

Babies move from the "Cribs & Creepers" to the Toddler class based on physical development. Once a preschooler reaches the age of two they are promoted each year through Kindergarten.

Children's Department

Children in grades 1 through 5 are taught in co-ed classes by caring teachers concerned with growing their Biblical knowledge. Classes use the broadly graded Gospel Project for Kids. This curriculum works through Genesis to Revelation to explain the Bible as a whole story about the person of Jesus. The curriculum effectively uses Bible storybooks, videos, games and class lessons to convey the truths of the Bible to kids at their own level.

Children Sunday School

Caring teachers use a variety of Lifeway materials designed to grow Biblical knowledge, combining creative teaching elements, Bible stories, and hands-on learning.


Sharon Arnold and a rotating worker - nursery area


Regina and Jimmy Smith - nursery area

3s and 4s

Janice and Larry Talley - nursery area

K - 1st grade

Ashley Davidson - Room 238

2nd - 3rd grade

Jim & Kellie Krenek - Room 236

4th - 5th grade

Trish Saul and Cindy Hardman - Room 237