Brief History of Lexington Park Baptist Church

Prior to World War II, St. Mary's County, Maryland was a quiet and rural setting with the two primary occupations being farming and working on the water. During WWII the U.S. Navy identified a need to establish an aircraft testing facility that was close to Washington, D.C., and located near a large body of water. The location they selected was Cedar Point, Maryland and construction began in the early 1940's. As a result, many military and civilian personnel relocated to the county to construct the buildings and runways, and support the aircraft development and testing.

There wasn't a Baptist church near the base so 0n February 28, 1946, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hynson held a prayer meeting in their trailer located at the Cedar Park Trailer Camp. They wanted to provide a place for a Baptist congregation to meet in a predominately Catholic area. This led to starting a church that met in a community center. They later purchased land for the construction of a Baptist church in Lexington Park in 1952. The first unit of the building was dedicated on October 3, 1954, and the second unit in 1958. The auditorium was constructed and dedicated in 1971 and the final unit, the Educational Wing, was dedicated on June 1, 1986.

Lexington Park Baptist Church has had seven full-time pastors with the current pastor Chris McCombs. The longest serving pastor was Mal Utleye, who served for over 21 years.

Several churches have been started in the local area by Lexington Park Baptist Church; Callaway Baptist Church in 1967, Leonardtown Baptist Church in 1973, and Southern Calvert Baptist Church in 1979.

Lexington Park Baptist Church started a weekday preschool ministry in 1969 that is still in place today. This ministry led to the start of the Lexington Park Christian School in 1980 that continued to use the church facilities until another facility was built (2004) in Callaway, Maryland, the name changed to King's Christian Academy.

Today the Patuxent River Naval base is the largest employer in St. Mary's County. During the Base Realignment and Closures of the 1990's, the Naval Air Systems Command and a number of other aircraft development and testing sites were relocated to the base. As a result, the base today employs approximately 20,000 civilian and military personnel. Because of the relocation of many new employees to the area and the close proximity to the base, a number of new housing units have been constructed within a five mile radius of the church, providing many opportunities for ministry and outreach.

LPBC continues to have "Future and a Hope" Jeremiah 29:11 as we minister to the people of Southern Maryland and beyond. We hope you will join us in this faith journey.