Nursery Schedule

DateBed Babies &
Toddlers, Two- &
Welcome Desk
December 23 Larry & Janice Talley, Cindy HardmanTina Dowell, Carol RaleyMyrtie Musgrove
December 30 Jean Landon, April Conley, Erin UnkleKate Barrett, Jodi JustisEvelyn Miller

Please call Myrtie at 301-863-7675 if you are unable to serve at your assigned time!

Counter Schedule

If you have any questions or cannot make your scheduled day,
please try and reschedule with someone else or call the Office at 301-862-2552.

Greeter Schedule

Greeters for Morning Service
Greeters for morning service should be in the vestibule at 9:30 a.m.
If you are unable to serve on your Sunday, please call the office.