Nursery Schedule

DateBed Babies &
Toddlers, Two- &
Welcome Desk
February 25 April Conley & Jean LandonJimmy & Regina SmithMyrtie Musgrove

Please call Myrtie at 301-863-7675 if you are unable to serve at your assigned time!

Counter Schedule

February 25 Dave & Sandy Holtzem, Brett Arnold

If you have any questions or cannot make your scheduled day,
please try and reschedule with someone else or call the Office at 301-862-2552.

Greeter Schedule

Greeters for Morning Service
February 25 Ted & Donna Fay (Sunday School)
February 25 Dave & Sandy Holtzem (Worship Service)
Greeters for morning service should be in the vestibule at 9:30 a.m.
If you are unable to serve on your Sunday, please call the office.

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